Self Cultivation

Love is not a presupposition, that is, you don't love on condition that you're loved back, for that is a transaction. Love is a choice -it's the only choice we have in this body -now- here.
~ Shenrab Kuntu Jondong ~

Lord Tonpa's Formula of 3 points

    Lord Tonpa's Formula of 3 points:
  • Essence = emptiness = mirror
  • Nature = light = reflectivity
  • Energy = Presence = awareness
Lord Tonpa: Revealer of the Eternal Teaching

The Quintessence

❖ Phenomena and Noumena are indistinguishable

❖ All creatures have gates (eyes)

❖ Vision is space, space is mind, mind is empty, emptiness is clear light, clear light is union, union is great bliss

❖ Let awareness prevail in body, speech and mind. Be aware that the body is being breathed thru, be aware that the mouth is being spoken thru, be aware that the mind is being thought thru. Awareness but no clinging.
Above all do not wobble!
Don't forget, you are holding the cup, but you are using its emptiness.
~ Sarvamangalam ("Blessings to All") ~