~ The great secret of life is to die before you die and realize there is no death ~

~ Thoughts are like birds; they come and go, but when you feed them they eat and they grow ~

~ The fool invents words in order to classify his ignorance –this classification he calls science; the sage on the other hand invents reality in order to justify “his existence” –this “reality” he calls wisdom; the awakened being however, experiences the Ever-Present flow of phenomena in silent awareness; since he is not concerned with inventing “something”, this continuum of awareness he does not bother naming ~

~ The toll of Love is passed open-handedly to anyone who accepts its price; it’s the ultimate delivery to life itself, not for the transcendence of death, but for its transubstantiation into real life, life impregnated with the seed of presence of Awareness (Rigpa), the fruit of which is true deliverance ~

~ My father is the sky, My mother is the Earth, I, the humble offspring Of their blessed union Have nowhere to go, Therefore I rest on this Earth and reach for the sky ~

~ Only by diving into the vast ocean of Love can we learn how to swim in the pool of life, for love is not a presupposition, it is a choice. –That is, you do not give Love in order to receive Love, for that is a transaction, and Love is only an interaction it occurs naturally; we only have to choose it. So Love is the only choice we have in life ~

~ Loving kindness is the quintessence of life. Even if you don’t believe in anything, you need this invaluable quality to give happiness to others and yourself; Caress an animal and you can feel it ~

~ All thoughts sink into emptiness like the imprint of a bird in the sky ~

~ If it is understood that We -ourselves- do not in fact breathe but are breathed thru, then the “Felt Knowledge” that all is indivisible, has been arrived at ~

~ The masks of this Mystery play are both wrathful and peaceful. But the Face of the enlightened one is naked ~


Εν το Παν

(All is One)